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  1. Aragal 11 months ago

    you're going to want to begin on the back, just make it a sleek, slightly curvy, horizontal line and the bring it vertically down very sleekly and then sharply cut back up. this will make the tail. staying with this line, another vertical line, drawn down, this will make the back of the gam, curve around from this line making a puny oval like form, but don't close it, leave it open just enough to how thick you want the gam to be, bring the line back up and you should have a accomplish back gam

  2. Makinos
    Makinos 11 months ago

    quality over quantity anyday!!!

  3. Tanris
    Tanris 11 months ago

    But did the Cadet have the audacity to bow when he met them?

  4. Vitaxe 11 months ago

    I have a lil over 9 inches if ya can suck a mean dick I guarantee will make ya cum multiple times

  5. Brataur 11 months ago

    Let’s have some fun together!

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